Clinique Haul
Today was a very exciting day! After going shopping last saturday I stumbled across the Clinique Lid Smoothies, in particularly Cashew Later. It was everything I look for in an eye shadow, neutral, with a little bit of shimmer and really easy to apply. However, when I decided to bite the bullet and fork out the 17.00 (not something I would usually pay for essentially an eye shadow), the colour, Cashew Later wasn't in stock. DRAMATIC PAUSE.

After returning home from the shops, I promptly went to the Clinique website and bought the Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour (I love the fact it's called a smoothie, a smoothie for your eyes). In order to get free shipping I decided to make another cheeky purchase to bump my total to over 30, I went for the Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Ginger. I really like the natural colour of this lipgloss and it is definitely a practical colour that I could wear everyday.

As I spent over 30, I was offered two free samples at the checkout, I plumped for the Anti-Blemish Solutions Clarifying Lotion and the Aromatics Elixir Deluxe perfume. The perfume isn't something I would of picked out myself, as it smells a bit mature and woody for me but the sample is a good size (good for handbags) and I'm sure I will use it eventually. The anti blemish lotion is definitely something i would have looked at, this sample is a really good size and I'm really intrigued to see if this is effective on my blemishes. Well, I think I've rambled on about these bits and bobs for far too long now, I'll keep you posted on what I think and whether these products are worth the price tag.
Thanks for reading. Faye xx
Lid Smoothie17.00
Superbalm Gloss13.50
Anti-Blemish LotionFree
Aromatics ElixirFree